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ALL GROUP COURSES  take place over five days for three and a half hours minimum per day starting in the morning - giving you time  later on in the afternoons to practise at your own pace.   Group courses begin on Mondays.


PRIVATE LESSONS (Personal Performance Clinics - PPC) are booked by separate arrangement and consist of half days in the mornings, usually two and a half hours.   Please enquire for PPC details and prices.


PRICES for all courses other than private lessons (ppc) are £420.

                       Ski courses programme 2018-19

              All group courses week commencing Mondays

*** Last minute cancellation- January 21 now has two spaces ***

What a view! Skiing course France The group doing ski course warm up - Ali Ross style!

Early morning pre-ski course warm-up exercises

A rest break on the ski course to enjoy the view .

Group Ski Courses

The ski courses are a training system offering progression from one level to the next,from Level 1 through the Advanced.  You don't have to join Level 1 first, if  you are already familiar with the basic concepts from our books, videos or our DVD.  Of course,we have a MINIMUM skiing standard- outlined below in our description of Level 1.   Please contact us for advice if you would like to discuss your skiing level further as it is important for you- as it for us - that our expectations are matched. All group courses have a  maximum of eight skiers and are all taught by Ali Ross.


Timetable and Price

The courses take place over five half days,from Monday to Friday,extending from 09.00/09.30 (depending on conditions) to early afternoon,around 13.00-13.30. The fee for all group ski courses is £450.


Level 1

These courses are for intermediate to advanced recreational skiers with several years' experience and who are joining  Ali Ross Skiing Clinics for the first time.  A typical Level 1 skier will already be competent getting around the slopes, but feels stuck on a learning plateau, wanting improve, but finding it frustratingly elusive.  You may even consider yourself an advanced skier and still find improvement is stalled without knowing why.  Before you can begin the process of overcoming these problems though,you must be open to change and  you may find this challenging. But without this, improvement  will remain elusive.


The MINIMUM standard expected is that you have mastered skiing skills to at least an intermediate level and can ski confidently using open parallels on a red run in the Tignes/Val d'Isere area. We take this seriously for everyones's sake.


Level 2

There is an overlap between the ski courses at different stages,so that Level 2 aims to develop techniques learned at Level 1 and to apply them to a variety of skiing situations, whilst also building up mileage on skis. We  introduce off-piste skiing, if conditions allow.


Level 2/Advanced

Generally, you will have already attended a Clinic previously, at Level 1 or 2. Again, please enquire if you need further advice. The aim is to give some flexibilty of choice of ski course to those who feel they are between level 2 and Advanced or who simply want more practice with those in a similar situation.


Advanced ski courses

Having been well versed in the 'simple science' of earlier courses,the aim for our Advanced skiers to refine technique further for more difficult terrain and conditions, including the development of mountain awareness and avalanche transceiver training. Off-piste skiing when safely possible, but please remember Advanced Clinics are not intended to be exclusively, or even mostly, off piste. We provide transceivers for those who do not have their own.


Season Refresher

Combined Level 2 and Advanced ski course, running in early December . Great for remembering what you should be doing for the rest of the season. Many regular clients also book private lessons with us to serve as refreshers and these are available after the Season Refresher course  up to New Year and  throughout the season on Saturdays.  


Personal Performance Clinic (PPC)


A PPC offers private ski lessons, half days, four skiers maximum. Excellent for personalised analysis/reminders if you are a current client or to introduce you to our system if you are a newcomer.  For more information, prices and booking, please contact us directly.




Introductory Meeting

This is held on Sunday evening in the ground floor brasserie  at the Hotel Arbina at 5.30, unless advised otherwise. This gives everyone the opportunity to meet the other members of the group, find out about how the ski courses work, where we meet and so on.

If you are going to be late, please let us know by text on 0788 0551360.


Lift Pass

Buy an area Tignes/ Val d'Isere lift pass. You can book online at Or buy one from the STGM office in person on arrival; it is situated in the Maison de Tignes in le Lac.


Ski Hire and other equipment

Please note: We only recommend Ski Fast, Rue de la Poste, Le Lac. Telephone 0033 47906 3344. Ask for Jean Charles, who knows Ali's recommendations regarding skis.

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Book a ski course

*** Latest September updates. The first Level 1 group ski course with availability is January 14.  February 11th Level 2 has space  and is also suitable for anyone already familiar with the concepts taught in our system but is a newcomer to the Clinics. The next availability is on March 18th at Advanced level.

See NEWS page for some updates on availability. For specific course enquiries, please email - (updated September 2018)

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