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What is the difference between the levels of ski courses?

The ski courses are described briefly on the Courses/dates page; once you have covered the essential ideas in Level 1, the difference between the courses then becomes a question of degree rather than of kind.  It is important therefore to appreciate that the basic technical concepts never change; in the scheme of things,these ideas are adapted and refined as the skier progresses  and different situations are encountered,but the message never varies.  There is a natural overlap to an extent between Levels 1 and 2  and Level 2 at the top end can merge into Advanced. Our Advanced skiers represent a broad category, with their own elite which you have to be invited to join.  If in doubt about your level of skiing, just ask.


Where should I book accomodation for the ski course?

You should book accommodation in Tignes le Lac (the centre) or Le Lavachet.  Val Claret or the lower villages are not  convenient for the course meeting places,unless you are prepared to take the bus or drive to le Lac or Lavachet, where the meeting points are. There are dozens of websites devoted to where to stay, so a Google search is the obvious search route.


Are there evening meetings during the week?

Yes.  The Sunday introductory meeting at 5.30 and debriefing session on the Friday evening, also at 5.30. Venue-the Arbina downstairs.


Can I book a skiing course online?

No. In the nature of our business, we prefer to keep contact as personal as possible, since booking a Clinic is not the same as ordering things online. You should contact us initially by e mail  <rossmoira@hotmail.com>(see Booking page for details).


Which ski lift pass do I need?

Buy the area pass which covers both ski resorts, Tignes and Val D'Isere. See www. skipass-tignes.com .


Is there any recommended ski hire?

We only recommend Ski Fast, Rue de la Poste, Telephone 0033 47 906 3344. Email guy.clarey@wanadoo.fr. They speak English. Ask for Jean-Charles and mention that you are attending an Ali Ross ski course. (Editor's note: Having used Jean-Charles, personally, many times over the years I believe they offer a good, honest service and come highly recommended by anyone I speak to) See additional information on Courses /dates page for more details.


When do I need to arrive at the resort for the skiing course?

Your travel arrangements should allow you to be in Tignes by Sunday afternoon at the latest.  If you are delayed for any reason and can't attend the Sunday 5.30 ski course introduction meeting, please phone (0044)788 0551360.


Do I need any special equipment for any of the ski courses?

For Advanced ski courses especially, please bring your own transceivers and rucksacks if you have them. We supply transceivers if you don't already have them, but it is well worth the relatively modest outlay to have your  own, which you can practise with if you know someone who has one too. Maybe to play hide and seek around the house on those long winter evenings.


Is there anything else important to remember?

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)  Check the expiry date. Its validity must cover the dates you are abroad.  Renewals are free from the DWP. Don't order from commercial sites - you will be charged.

Top up health insurance. Many people don't know that the EHIC only covers about 70% -80% of emergency treatment in France.  


Carte Neige insurance - You can buy this with your lift pass and it is very cheap. If you get carted  off the mountain, the pisteur service like to see it as proof of insurance, but it covers ski accidents only, so if you slip on ice in the street and hurt yourself,  it won't cover that. Carry all the above documents with your lift pass.


Mobile phone with SOS numbers on your contacts list ie Piste patrol & public ambulance (Samu).


How do I pay for the ski course?

We  accept pounds sterling by inter bank electronic transfer or by  cheque. An e-invoice will be sent giving payment details.

 If you pay in Euros, the amount due depends on the exchange rate at the time of booking, so please enquire if you are paying from the Eurozone.


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