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 "The Skiing Clinics began out of my frustration with conventional teaching systems.  I reached the conclusion that to make real changes to the way skiing technique was being taught to recreational skiers, I had to start with a fresh approach, even if this meant upsetting a few  traditional views - and it still does in some places....


Many ski courses are  based on set-piece instruction. "First you do A, then B followed by C". You may get some of these steps right but eventually progress grinds to a halt. You have landed on the dreaded skiing 'plateau'.  It is small comfort to intermediates that world class racers face it too. And one skiing course can seem like any other, no matter where you go.


In the Skiing Clinics, we can cure your skiing ills with a more radical approach.  


I never cease to be amazed that most people who come to our ski courses for the first time have spent their entire skiing lives never having heard of the most basic concept of all - that the ski will turn you, if you know how to use it."


Ali Ross

Ali Ross Skiing Clinics - ski courses to help you ski better than you ever thought possible

"Ali Ross has helped propel hundreds of previously bad habit-ridden skiers, marooned on the infamous intermediate plateau, towards skiing techniques and terrain they never thought they would attain"

Tim Woodward, The Daily Telegraph. More 

"If there is a better ski teacher than Ali Ross, I have yet to meet him"

Brian Jackman, The Sunday Times

Ski with a Legend

"Ali Ross has helped tens of thousands of people ski better, over a long career as one of the most famous ski instructors"

James Cove, planetski.eu

... with Ali Ross, the guru of modern ski techniques ...

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... and ski better than you ever thought possible!

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Snow sure Tignes, France, Europe -  the perfect ski course venue. Ali demonstrates how the ski turns you! Ski courses in France. Ali Ross at Tignes, France, Europe - Skiing courses with a difference

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Tim Woodward talks to Ali Ross.  More

   Ski courses by Ali Ross Skiing Clinics are definitely not traditional ski school  

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