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"All skiers have one thing in common- they want to improve. And for all the joys and thrills of skiing,this is the most frustrating part-you know you can acheive more,but don't know how to- you have landed on the notorious learning plateau.  It is no consolation that even World Cup racers experience it.  And one ski course can seem like any other, no matter where you go.  Many ski courses still use set-piece instruction of one sort or another.  You  get A,B and C right but sooner or later improvement grinds to a halt.


 In the Skiing Clinics we can cure your skiing ills with a more radical approach - how you can transform your skiing by building on elementary technical ideas and putting them into practice effectively.

 I never cease to be amazed that newcomers to our ski courses, who have skied for many seasons, have never  heard of one of the most basic concepts of all -  the ski will turn you, if you know how to use it. This simple idea is the key to excellence in skiing".


Ali Ross, from the book, Ali Ross Skiing Clinic

"Ali Ross has helped propel hundreds of average skiers, marooned on the infamous intermediate plateau, towards skiing techniques and terrain they never thought they would attain"

Tim Woodward, The Daily Telegraph. More 







"If there is a better ski teacher than Ali Ross, I have yet to meet him"

Brian Jackman, The Sunday Times

Ski with a Legend

"Ali Ross has helped tens of thousands of people ski better, over a long career as one of the most famous ski instructors"

James Cove,

For more insights into what we do , see our Aims page where Ali Ross talks about the concepts behind the ski courses. More

Ski courses by Ali Ross Skiing Clinics ... the key to skiing improvement.

... in snow-sure Tignes, France ...

... with Ali Ross, the guru of modern ski techniques ...

... to transform your skiing performance.



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The Ski Better DVD previews  some of the lessons from an Ali Ross ski course.  For more details,see the NEWS page

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Ali Ross Ski Clinics Ali Ross Ski Clinics are based in Tignes, a major ski center in France