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The schedule follows the same pattern as last season so the spread of Levels and Dates is very similar; please enquire if a particular week interests you, but it is not the Level you want. Contact us by email in the first instance, giving a contact phone number. Giving second choices of dates will increase the chances of finding the right ski course for you.

Updates on current availability of specific courses can  be obtained at any time by email.

Last minute cancellations are advertised at the top the HOME page  


Ski Better with Ali Ross - Ski DVD - Click here to read more about this ski video. France, Europe

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Autumn is the countdown to the skiing season and the  time to find out what you should be doing to leave the skiing plateau behind with the Ski Better DVD from Ali Ross Skiing Clinics. The DVD offers an insight into a Skiing Clinic's week, introducing the concepts and exercises which will improve your skiing more than you ever thought possible.


It contains more than 80 minutes of  lessons from our five day ski courses ,covering the technical concepts and how to put them into practice; in the process, it also dispels misconceptions which we’ve all been taught and which stop us skiing well. The DVD will prepare you for the Clinics if you are a newcomer or serve as a reminder if you are a regular client. Ali also gives you the Inside Track on what to look for when you buy boots and skis - always a minefield when you walk into a ski shop.

See the previews below - Email to purchase. Price £20 incl P&P (UK)


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Salomon offers a complete range of equipment  for your skiing course, including clothing and apres-ski boots.

Anatom is run by a small, close-knit and enthusiastic team based in  Scotland, with hundreds of ski-related products on offer. They sell the same avalanche transceivers used by the Skiing Clinics.  

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