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Ski course packing tips

REALLY IMPORTANT  to remember apart from obvious items like passports:


EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)  Check the expiry date. Its validity must cover the dates you are abroad.  Renewals are free from the DWP. Don't order from commercial sites - you will be charged.


TOP UP health insurance. Many people don't know that the EHIC only covers about 70% -80% of emergency treatment in France.  


CARTE NEIGE insurance - You can buy this with your lift pass and it is very cheap. If you get carted  off the mountain, the pisteur service like to see it as proof of insurance, but it covers ski accidents only, so if you slip on ice in the street and hurt yourself,  it won't cover that, hence the above advice. Carry all the above documents with your lift pass.


MOBILE PHONE with SOS numbers on your contacts list ie Piste patrol & public ambulance(Samu) .

A tale of survival

Skiing course equipment

Ski courses/dates

Salomon offers a complete range of equipment  for your skiing course, including clothing and apres-ski boots.

Anatom is run by a small, close-knit and enthusiastic team based in  Scotland, with hundreds of ski-related products on offer. They sell the same avalanche transceivers used by the Skiing Clinics.  

Anatom gear for your skiing course in France Salomon equipment for your ski course France Ski course safety