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If you have attended an Ali Ross Skiing Clinic, we would like to hear your views on any aspect of the ski courses, especially if this was your first experience of  our system. We will only publish your first name and year attended but please mention which level of course.  Many thanks in advance.


Got a review? Please email us at [email protected] with your thoughts and course attended.

Thank you!

Jill P. 2019

What to say about Ali! One word comes to mind: transformative. Truly transformative. Before the course, I didn't wholly think that it would be possible to develop my skiing as much as people say Ali can. But after one session with him, I knew those doubts were wrong. Through engaging and logical instruction I am skiing better than I ever have done and it feels fantastic, effortless even. It's also fun. Thank you, Ali, I'll be back.


Angela W. 2019

Really enjoyed the way Ali taught. We've been to various ski school in the past and it was always the same -  instructions, but no progress. But this course took us to a whole new level of understanding skiing.  Small group of people who wanted to learn new ideas.  Thanks!


Ally P.  2019

This (Level 1) was my first course, after a private lesson with Ali and watching the DVD. These were great for preparing you for the 5 day course so you know what to expect. And there is no substitute for the feedback which you get from Ali, which only the lessons on snow provide. Now all I have to do is practise, practise, practise - and then come back for more.


Paul C. 2019

The main feature about this course is helping us intermediates overcome the blockage to progressing further. Ali calls it the plateau. Everything finally clicked. It needs effort to rethink my skiing, but I know the way forward.  Nice atmosphere in the group too.


Tim S. 2018

If you haven't been with Ali before, you will have to rethink your ideas about the way you ski now. A lot of unlearning and a bit of a challenge to your skiing habits,which some people find uncomfortable. If you are serious about improving, though, this is for you. For me, this is just the start. Next, the Advanced course, which I was recommended as the next stage to do!







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