Our Aim

Moira Ross, Ali Ross Skiing Clinics

The theme running throughout our ski courses is simple but vitally important, if you are to get the most out of your precious time on skis. To be able to achieve your goals, you should first understand what creates good skiing - the three guiding principles of effective technique which will, with practice, enable you to ski in places you had only just dreamed of. Our aim in the Clinics is to help you to do just that.

When Ali Ross Skiing Clinics first broke the mould as a system independent of national ski schools, Ali's idea that holiday skiers should learn to use the side-cut of the ski to make effective turns, if they were to make real and lasting progress, was regarded as heretical by traditionalists. They claimed that "Such techniques are only for racers." Even today, some race trainers and ski schools continue to believe this and 'carving' is still seen as a niche, not a mainstream part of teaching.

Now, modern ski design, with its exaggerated side-cut, has caught up with Ali's idea that carving should be the norm, rather than the exception, for recreational skiers. They can, as a result, learn to use the edges of the skis more easily and effectively. Our pupils have shown consistently that they not only can use the same technique as the racers, albeit at their own speeds and skill levels, but unless they do so, they will always be limited skiers. 

Ski side-cut illustration skiing course France

Once they have understood these basic principles and felt them working in practice, our skiers discover that their horizons have widened immeasurably.  They can ski better  than they ever imagined ,whether on-piste or far away from the beaten tracks.

"If there is a better ski teacher than Ali Ross, I have yet to meet him"
Brian Jackman,
 The Sunday Times

Skiing the powder with S-turns.