Ski Course Programme

The schedule generally follows the same pattern every season, with minor changes to accommodate specific group requests.  The season opens in December with the Premiere Neige Refresher weeks, followed by Personal Performance Clinics over Christmas and New Year, which continue throughout the season on Saturdays and also during the February half term holidays.
The main group ski courses are available weekly after New Year, though Level 1 weeks are mostly concentrated in January, enabling first timers to get a grounding in the Clinics' techniques early in the season.
The finale in early April culminates in the Derniere Neige, during which we hope to find the idyllic "spring snow" which can transform skiing conditions from March until the snow disappears.

We hope you find a course to suit you and look forward to seeing you in 2022/23.

December 2022

5- 9 Première Neige

12-16 Season Refresher

19-23 PPC see note *

26-30 PPC see note *

January 2023

2-6 Level 1

9-13 Level 1

16-20 Level 2

23-27 Advanced Fully Booked

February 2023

30/01- 3/02 Advanced

6-10 Level 2 Fully Booked

13-17 Level 1

20-24 Level 2

27/02- 3/03 Advanced

March-April 2023

13-17 Advanced

20-24 Level 2/Advanced

27- 31 Level 2/Advanced

3/04-7/04 Dernière Neige.

*Personal Performance lessons held between Christmas and New Year can also be arranged as a week’s course if there is a group interested (four or more skiers) interested. These PPCs also run throughout the season on Saturdays from January..

Ski Course Availability

For latest ski course place availability, please enquire by the Booking Form.


The courses take place over five half days, from Monday to Friday, extending from 09.00/09.30 (depending on conditions) to early afternoon, around 13.00-13.30.

Ski Course Fees

The fee for all group ski courses is £590. Deposit of £100 per person is required within 7 days of booking form acceptance. At most times or dates outside of ski course hours, private lessons available at £100 per hour.

Payment methods

Electronic transfer of payment please. Balances must be paid 8 weeks before the start of the course.

Ski Course Leadership

Nick Quinn will lead all courses, unless alternative arrangements are requested by the customer, eg Private lessons with Ali Ross.

At most times or dates outside of ski course hours, private lessons available at £100 per hour.

 Our Courses

The group courses  offer a training  programme, progressing from Level 1, our introductory ski course, through Level 2 to the Advanced courses.

For newcomers, it is not an absolute rule that you must do Level 1 first and if you make a convincing case, we do consider requests to join directly at Level 2 or (more rarely) Advanced .
This applies particularly if you already have the DVD and want to try the real experience on snow.   Please contact us for advice if you would like to discuss your skiing level further as it is important for you - as it for us - that our expectations are matched.

All group courses have a maximum of eight skiers, though for some Advanced courses the limit is six. Minimum four people. Courses with three bookings or less will be offered PPCs to the equivalent cost of a group course fee.

Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Level 1
Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Level 1
Level 1

Level 1 is for intermediate to advanced recreational skiers with several years' experience and generally for those joining our ski courses for the first time (however, see the comment above). This course introduces the fundamental techniques of the Skiing Clinics along with the exercises  and activities to put these into practice.   

The MINIMUM  technical standard is firstly to have skiing skills to at least an intermediate level ie to be able to use open parallels on a red run in the Tignes/Val d'Isere area.  We take this seriously, for everyone's sake, so please do ask if you are at all uncertain.
The second requirement is to be open to new ideas and to be prepared to change ingrained habits. This is probably the more difficult part. 

Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Level 2
Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Level 2
Level 2

There is an overlap between the ski courses at different stages, so that Level 2 aims to develop techniques learned at Level 1 and to apply them to a variety of skiing situations, whilst also building up mileage on skis using the techniques.  We may introduce off-piste skiing, if conditions allow, and Ali feels that the group would benefit from the experience. 

Level 2/Advanced

Generally, you will have already attended a Clinic recently, at Level 1 or 2. The aim is of this ski course is give another option to those who feel they are between level 2 and Advanced and who want more practice in the Clinics' techniques with those in a similar position.

Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Level 2/Advanced
Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Level 2/Advanced

 The aim for our Advanced skiers is to refine further the technique followed in earlier ski courses for more difficult terrain and conditions, including the development of mountain awareness.  Off-piste skiing when safely possible, but please remember Advanced Clinics are not intended to be exclusively, or even mostly, off piste.  The decision is taken by Ali, with due regard for all the factors involved, and with advice from the piste patrol. We provide transceivers for those who do not have their own and training is given in their use. (There is a pictorial of a day out with a group of our more experienced Advanced skiers -see Images to give you an insight into the workings of one of the ski courses at this level, albeit after several seasons' training). 

Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Advanced
Ali Ross Skiing Clinics, France, Advanced
Season Refresher

Combined Level 2 and Advanced ski course, running in early December. Great for remembering what you should be doing for the rest of the season. Many regular clients also book private lessons with us to serve as refreshers and these are available after the Season Refresher course up to New Year and throughout the season on Saturdays.

Personal Performance Clinic (PPC)

Increasingly popular as a prelude to any of the mainstream courses, a PPC offers private ski lessons, half days, four skiers maximum. Excellent for personalised analysis/reminders if you are a current client or to introduce you to our system if you are a newcomer. The Christmas period up to New Year is available daily for PPCs and Saturday mornings throughout the season. For more information, prices and booking, please contact us directly.

Additional information:
Introductory Meeting

Fpr courses led by Ali, a meeting normally takes place in the Arbina bar at 5.30 Sunday and gives everyone the opportunity to meet the other members of the group, find out about how the ski courses work, where we meet and so on.

If you are going to be late, please let us know by TEXT on 0033 6 19 67 80 85.

Lift Pass

Buy an area Tignes/Val d'Isere lift pass. You can book online at Also, some hotels can arrange them for you on request, best to request in advance.
Or buy one from the STGM office in person on arrival; it is situated in the Maison de Tignes in le Lac in the main square.

Ski Hire and other equipment

The retirement of Guy and Monique Clarey has meant that Sport 2000 (formerly Ski Fast) closed its doors for good at the end of last season and of course we wish the Clareys all the best for the future. They will be staying in Tignes, so we will still be seeing them. It does however mean that instead of recommending a particular ski equipment rental shop, Ali will be advising you which skis and boots to use for the courses, bearing in mind that the Clinics are now recommending the Völkl product range, which includes Dalbello boots and Marker bindings. Please email us for general or personalised recommendations within this range .

Booking Conditions

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It is a requirement of booking a course with Ali Ross Skiing Clinics that you agree to the Booking Conditions and accept our Privacy Policy.  Please see the relevant sections of the Booking Form.